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Why Hire a DWI Lawyer to Help With Your Case?

Stung with a DWI? Trying to defend yourself in court might be the most costly mistake you make.

In the U.S., police make 1.5 million DWI arrests on average every year. They’re well-equipped to track down and prosecute offenders.

If you get caught out, you’ll need support to defeat the case or reduce your sentence. For that, you need a DWI lawyer.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at the reasons below.

Helping You Through the Labyrinth

The first thing you’ll discover when fighting a DWI case is that the legal system is a labyrinth.

The law isn’t designed for laymen.

It was put together and is enforced by expert lawmakers, judges, and attorneys. Without hiring a DWI lawyer, you’re very likely to make mistakes in your case. Legalese is likely to halt your attempts at defense before they’ve even begun.

DUI and DWI cases have a special level of complexity. Due to widespread attempts to curb DWIs, there’s a lot of legislation to untangle. This can be a minefield to negotiate if you’re not experienced at law.

Hiring a DWI lawyer could prove less costly than trying to pick through these legalities. You’re likely to make mistakes going it alone. These mistakes could easily cost you more money in the long run.

Gathering Evidence

Do you really know what kind of evidence will support your case?

Chances are, you didn’t go to law school. That means you only have a layman’s idea of what court-admissible evidence actually looks like. The evidence you do collect is likely to be thrown out, or the prosecution will find that it has gaps.

A DWI lawyer knows exactly what to look for. They know how to call on effective witnesses and access police reports. The stronger your evidence, the better your case.

Have an Advocate

Going through legal proceedings causes a great deal of stress. You may struggle with anxiety about your future and financial situation.

Although a DWI lawyer won’t provide direct emotional support, having an advocate in your corner can make a huge difference to your mental state. They’ll be able to answer questions you have and in some cases ease concerns.

There’s a large psychological advantage to knowing you have someone supporting you. Your lawyer will have a vested interest in your success. Instead of facing your case alone, you’ll be working with an expert. That can reduce the weight on your mind.

Giving You the Time of Day

Do you really have the time to sketch out your own legal defense?

Most people have day jobs to do, along with other commitments in their free time. It takes a long time and a close eye for detail to put together a watertight case.

You aren’t likely to manage it without hiring a DWI lawyer.

You’re paying for your lawyer’s time, so this is their day job. They can focus 100% on your case while you’re living your life. Unlike you, they won’t be trying to scrape together a case in their free time – they’ll be alert and prepared to do the work.

Previous Convictions?

If you have previous convictions, you shouldn’t think twice about hiring a DWI lawyer.

Your previous convictions will be taken into consideration by the court. They’re not likely to pass a lenient sentence if you’ve shown a pattern of similar behaviors. Courts like to see remorse and commitment to change, not repeat incidents.

If you do have previous DWIs on your record, you’ll want to retain all the help you can get. Hiring a lawyer will help you put together a stronger case that might mitigate the effect of previous DWI convictions.

Secure Your Future

The effects of a DWI on your life can linger for years.

Having your license suspended could be the start of your problems. Fines and court fees might clean you out.

If your job depends on a clean license, you can kiss it goodbye.

Losing your license can also put limits on your social life, including family time. Do you have a partner or children in another state? Seeing them just became more difficult.

Court proceedings can disrupt your schedule. Even if you don’t need to drive for your job, your boss might not tolerate your absences.

A DWI conviction shows up on background checks. You could find it harder to secure a job or even a place to live in the future.

Hiring a DWI lawyer isn’t just about winning a court case, it’s about securing your future.

Fair Sentencing

How many precedents do you know about your case? What’s the average sentence?

No clue? Then hiring a DWI lawyer is vital. A qualified lawyer will ensure you receive fair sentencing if that’s how your case pans out.

Your lawyer’s position as an advocate ensures you’ll have someone to negotiate your sentence for you.

Lawyers also have a much better sense of when evidence is fair and appropriate. Challenging key pieces of evidence and overturning them could have a huge impact on the severity of your sentence.

A good lawyer can also argue the negative impacts of your sentencing. For instance, if losing your license could destroy your career, they’ll argue for a more lenient or alternative sentence that disrupts your life less in the long run.

A DWI Lawyer Can Change Your Life

If you can’t tell by now, hiring a lawyer could change your life.

They’ll give you a much better chance of winning your case. If you’re convicted, they’ll give you a shot at reducing your sentence. The possible costs of running your own defense far outweigh the costs of hiring a lawyer.

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