Legal Fees

It is very important that clients do not over pay for the legal services and advice that are provided by our firm. Instead, legal fees should be fair and reasonable.

To make certain that our firm “practices what it preaches,” a fee for our legal services will be discussed with you after we learn about the facts and circumstances surrounding your case and your needs. Like every case, the needs of each client are unique and a legal fee needs to be tailored to fit each client’s situation.

We do not have a fee schedule for legal services because every case needs to be evaluated given its own unique set of facts and circumstances. Once we understand your case, we will be in a position to set a fair and reasonable fee for our services.

Remember, we do not charge any fee for an initial meeting or consultation with our lawyers. Instead, we look at this initial meeting as an opportunity to build a relationship with a client. We want you to be happy with our legal services and advice.

If for whatever reason, you decide not to retain our firm and if we can help you find an attorney to represent you in your criminal matter, we are happy to be of assistance in that capacity.

Please feel free to call our office if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your criminal matter.

Thank you for considering our firm.